Long-term eyebrow styling

Long-term eyebrow styling

Free yourself from the hassle of brow styling! We will create a captivating look that lasts for weeks. Your brows will be given a magnificent shape that will withstand physical activities and even sleep. Enjoy the vibrant and well-groomed appearance of your brows, which brings confidence and attractiveness every day.

30 min
200 AED

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Experience the art of long-term eyebrow styling with our exceptional service of long-term eyebrow lamination. Say goodbye to daily grooming and hello to effortlessly beautiful and perfectly shaped eyebrows that last for an extended period.

With our procedure, you can achieve flawlessly shaped and well-defined eyebrows that enhance your natural beauty. Our skilled professionals utilize the technique of long-term lamination to transform your brows, creating a lasting impact.

Long-term eyebrow lamination is an advanced beauty treatment that reshapes and sets your eyebrow hairs in a desired position, providing a long-lasting effect. This innovative process involves the application of a gentle yet effective solution to the eyebrows, which allows the stylist to manipulate the hairs and create the desired shape and style.

The benefits of that procedure are remarkable. Not only does it give your brows a fuller and more groomed appearance, but it also helps in achieving symmetry and balance. The treatment fills in any sparse areas, resulting in beautifully shaped eyebrows that frame your face perfectly. Unlike traditional eyebrow lamination that lasts for a few weeks, our styling offers extended longevity. 

The  lamination process is performed by our highly skilled and experienced professionals who specialize in eyebrow styling. They will assess your facial features, listen to your preferences, and work with you to create the perfect brow shape that complements your unique face structure. During the treatment, the stylist will carefully shape and set your eyebrow hairs using precise techniques and quality products. 

With long-term eyebrow styling, you can wake up each day with flawless eyebrows that require little to no additional styling. Imagine the time and effort you’ll save in your daily beauty routine. Experience the difference today!


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