What is carboxytherapy and how long does it last in a beauty salon?

In the life of every representative of the fair sex,…

In the life of every representative of the fair sex, the time comes when the natural aging processes begin to be noticeable. At first, the woman’s age gives out the condition of her skin. In the layers of the epidermis, the production of elastin and collagen, responsible for youth and beauty, decreases. With the help of a patented cosmetic procedure, it is possible to quickly and effectively eliminate sagging skin and other defects. If you are interested in the question of what is carboxy therapy, how long does it last, get acquainted with the material of the article.

What is carboxytherapy?

During the cosmetic procedure, sterile carbon dioxide is injected under the skin. An excess of the chemical compound occurs at the site of exposure. The body reacts to this by reflex expansion of blood vessels. It improves blood circulation in the place where the injection was made. Blood flow increases, which is a protective function of the body. An additional amount of oxygen is supplied to the cells to compensate for the excess of carbon dioxide.

The procedure was first used in France in the 1930s, when it was proved that wounds on the skin heal much faster after bathing in pools with water saturated with carbon dioxide. The main feature of the cosmetic procedure is the possibility of introducing the active substance into areas with thin skin and a close location of blood vessels. The method is often used to improve the appearance of delicate skin around the eyes, requiring delicate care.

What are the pros and cons of carboxytherapy?


The procedure can be used not only in the facial area. Injections reduce the localization of fat deposits on the abdomen, thighs, around the kneecaps. Under the influence of injections, such a defect as cellulite decreases. The skin is noticeably tightened and the appearance of flabbiness is prevented. Effectively use carboxytherapy before hair transplantation to improve blood supply.

It has been proven to improve the condition in psoriasis and for the treatment of wounds in diabetes. Injections can be done before and after liposuction. Cracks on the skin quickly heal. Sports doctors recommend using the procedure as a comprehensive treatment for various injuries. There was a decrease in pain in the neck and back.

Carboxytherapy has a beneficial effect:

  • for improving blood flow;
  • it helps to accelerate metabolic processes in cells and tissues;
  • for the rapid withdrawal of metabolic products;
  • for activating fibroblasts (the so-called cells that increase collagen synthesis);
  • it is necessary for normalizing the pH balance;
  • for stimulating the synthesis of elastin and collagen;
  • for increasing skin hydration.

Carboxytherapy injections have a higher efficiency compared to mesotherapy. The procedure is used instead of using expensive vitamin preparations.

Among cons it should be also noted the need to undergo the procedure in courses. It can be expensive and inconvenient (you will need to visit a specialist 1-2 times a week, a course of at least 10 sessions). To enjoy the effect, it is necessary to periodically carry out maintenance procedures. Limited studies based on conducted clinical trials only partially prove the effectiveness of carboxytherapy.

How much does carboxytherapy cost?

How much does carboxytherapy cost?

Everyone can stimulate the skin to regenerate and give it youth and beauty. The cost of one hour of a wellness procedure that affects the improvement of the complexion and texture of the skin is 500 dirhams UAE.

People who have never encountered a rejuvenating procedure may have a question: how long does carboxytherapy last? As a rule, the duration of one session is approximately 35-40 minutes. For the greatest effectiveness, it is recommended to undergo a course of procedures, which contains 6-12 sessions. The cost of the 6 visits course will be 3000 dirhams UAE. If you take a course of 12 sessions, you will pay 6000 dirhams UAE.

How is carboxytherapy performed?

The procedure depends on the body state of a particular person and the body part that will be exposed. Carbon dioxide supply is regulated by a special plastic nozzle mounted on the cylinder. The tube made of high-quality plastic is pre-sterilized. Thanks to the filter, the device is sensitive to impurities before they enter the epidermis layers.

Carbon dioxide is injected with a thin needle. According to patients, the process is almost painless. But many cosmetologists use local painkillers to create the most comfortable conditions. There have been cases when the patient experienced unpleasant sensations not during the procedure, but after it or in some time after it.

How do you prepare for carboxytherapy?

Preparing for carboxytherapy

First you need to find a clinic and a qualified specialist you can trust. At the initial consultation, the cosmetologist should study the contraindications. Their list is not so big:

  1. The presence of allergies to the components to be injected into the subcutaneous layer.
  2. Lactation and pregnancy.
  3. No irritation on the skin.
  4. Pathology of the liver and kidneys.
  5. Problems with blood pressure.

It will also be considered how a person takes care of the skin in daily life, which cosmetic products he prefers, how often he appears under the active sun.

How the procedure works

In general, during the course of carboxytherapy, the patient experiences a minimum of discomfort. Different methods are used for rejuvenating different areas and getting rid of skin defects (fat deposits, scars, sagging eyelids). There may be a feeling of bursting when carbon dioxide is injected into the places of fat deposits.

After the introduction of carbon dioxide under the skin, the reaction of its interaction with water molecules accumulated in the tissues begins. As a result, an acid is formed that reduces the pH level in the tissues. This leads to the release of more oxygen from hemoglobin. Blood circulation increases, the functioning of the immune system improves.

It has been proven that a low pH level affects the flexibility of collagen fibers. Due to this reaction, the skin around the area on which the impact was made becomes more elastic and tactile. The number of stretch marks decreases, cellulite and dark circles under the eyes become less noticeable.

When the exposure process comes to an end, the decomposition of carbon dioxide into two parts occurs. After increasing the pH level, a person experiences the effect of anesthesia. Small capillaries and nerve endings function better. Tissues receive nutrients in double the size. Due to the activation of fat cells, the burning process becomes more efficient. The remains of carbon dioxide leave the body when inhaled from the lungs.

What are the side effects of carboxytherapy?

What are the side effects of carboxytherapy?

Do not get upset because of the appearance of swelling on the body after the procedure. It is considered quite normal. The swelling and bruising will disappear soon. When using the procedure to combat excess weight, it is recommended to keep in shape with the help of physical exercises and following the recommendations of a nutritionist.

Among the contraindications are childhood and pregnancy. It is strongly advised not to inject carbon dioxide after suffering cardiovascular pathologies, such as stroke and heart attack. It is not necessary to engage in skin rejuvenation during the exacerbation of chronic diseases. Cosmetologists do not recommend using the procedure for oncological diseases. It should be treated with caution in the presence of any skin lesions. If mental illnesses with psychomotor agitation are diagnosed, carboxytherapy is contraindicated.

It is not necessary to agree to the procedure for people with thromboembolism and thrombophlebitis. The stages of exacerbation are especially dangerous. If there are blood clotting disorders, it is advisable to abandon carboxytherapy. Diagnosed kidney disorders are also considered a contraindication.

What to expect after

People are often interested in the question: how long does carboxytherapy results last. The effect begins to be noticeable after several sessions. The result of exposure to problem areas of the skin with carbon dioxide persists for up to 12 months. Then it is desirable to repeat the procedure.

There are no special restrictions related to the recovery period. For several days, you should not use peels and scrubs, which can act aggressively. Do not take a shower for 2-3 hours after the procedure.

In order for the effect to last as long as possible, you should reconsider your view of the lifestyle that you lead. It is advisable to adhere to proper nutrition and engage in daily physical activities. Even performing simple exercises will help to keep fit for a long time.

According to experts in the field of cosmetology, carboxytherapy is considered a safe method of exposure. Due to the absence of skin tears and other injuries, this procedure is classified as non-invasive. The popularity of the method is explained by the possibility of solving many problems associated with age-related changes and skin defects. It is successfully combined with other anti-aging techniques in cosmetology.

The popularity of carboxy therapy is primarily associated with high efficiency and low risks. Initially, it was used as a therapeutic method. Modern technologies have made this procedure more accessible to people who want to significantly improve their appearance without using surgical interventions.

If you want to find out carboxy therapy how long does it last in a particular clinic, you will be told about it at the initial consultation. On average, the duration of the procedure does not exceed 50 minutes.


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