Is it possible to do eyebrow lamination during pregnancy?

In modern cosmetology, new care procedures regularly appear. Most ladies…

In modern cosmetology, new care procedures regularly appear. Most ladies take great care of their brows. It helps make your look more expressive and your appearance more attractive. However, it should be borne in mind that such changes in your appearance have a number of limitations. Before doing them, you are to make sure that it will not cause harm. Let’s consider how justified eyebrow lamination in pregnancy is and alternative options that are less dangerous for expectant mothers.

Why Is It Done?

Why Is It Done

It is carried out for the purpose of care and to give them a beautiful shape. The application of a special product fixes the hairs in the correct position, restores them and makes them grow much quicker. The technique is useful for people with hard and unruly eyebrows which need constant correction. Such a decision makes daily care easier.

How Long Does It Last?

Experts in the beauty industry note that the effect lasts for 6-8 weeks. To do this, you need to regularly and carefully care for your brows. On thinner hairs, the results are noticeable longer. In this case, they retain a well-groomed appearance for up to 8-10 weeks. If you have got the thick ones, it should be repeated after 4-6 weeks.

Much depends on the individual characteristics of the woman’s body.

Applying serum with collagen, silk proteins, essential oils, vitamins and minerals in the composition prolongs the effect.

How Long Does Brow Lamination Take?

Brow Lamination

The duration of the session also depends on a number of factors: the characteristics of the hair, the experience of the cosmetologist, the type of process (modeling or coloring). On average, laminating time is 30-40 minutes.

Is Getting a Brow Lamination While Pregnant Safe?

Many ladies ask whether it is possible to do eyebrow lamination while pregnant, since expectant mothers also want to look beautiful and well-groomed. Cosmetologists note that pregnant and lactating ladies can dye and correct their brows using traditional ways of modeling, but laminating is a tachnique that is not recommended.

The ban is associated with changes in hormonal levels in the body of the expectant mother. High levels of sensitivity lead to various side effects.

It belongs to new beauty techniques, so at the moment not enough research has been carried out. For this reason, cosmetologists should not risk the health of a woman and her unborn child.

Why You Shouldn’t Get Lamination While Pregnant


There are several reasons why eyebrow lamination on pregnant women can be dangerous:

  • changes in the hormonal system which is inevitable under such circumstances – it is difficult to predict the reaction of skin and hair;
  • increased sensitivity to beauty procedures;
  • the use of chemicals harms the unborn child;
  • skin pH imbalance – occurs rather often and it’s difficult to avoid it;
  • aggressive action of serum and chemicals used during the process.

During expectation such changes are harmful to the future mother and child, so they are not recommended.

Allergic Reactions To Brow Lamination While Pregnant

Even if you have never experienced allergic reactions making shape of your brows, this does not mean that you are protected from them during pregnancy. It is better to avoid doing it for the entire period of bearing a child. If you do make this decision, you must take precautions.

Performing a patch test

It should be performed 48 hours before you visit the salon. It helps determine the level of risk of developing allergic reactions. These include irritation and redness of the skin, itching and swelling. If you experience these symptoms after performing the test, this means you should stop laminating. If there is no negative reaction from the body, you can carry it out.

Can You Get a Brow Lamination While Breastfeeding?

Brow Lamination While Breastfeeding

Women who are breastfeeding should inform their beautician about this. In this case, you must undergo a test that confirms or denies the risk of allergies. During feeding, increased sensitivity and changes in the hormonal system persist.

If you are lactating, you must wait at least 12 weeks from the start of breastfeeding before making a decision. Even if you feel well, you need to get your doctor’s approval.

Alternatives To Brow Lamination That Are Safer 

Expectancy and lactation are not a reason to give up the care. To do this, use alternative methods of eyebrow modeling and correction. They will not harm any woman, nor her unborn child. 

Modeling with soap

Modeling with soap

This method is not only completely safe, but also affordable. To give your brows a well-groomed look, you should use a transparent soap. To give the hairs a refined shape, a brush is passed over the soap, and then applied to the areas that need correction. The effect lasts for 3-4 hours before washing.

Hair gel

This product is used not only for styling hair on the head, but also for modeling eyebrows. With the help of gel they are given a beautiful shape.

Using wax

Using wax

This is another alternative that is completely safe and widely used. The wax is easy to use and is available in a variety of hues. Everyone can choose the option that is most suitable.

Hair fixation spray

This correction method is suitable if you want to achieve a long-lasting effect. For this purpose, you need to spray the varnish on the brows for several days. Spraying varnish helps give them a beautiful shape and sophistication.

The listed methods do not provide such a long-term effect as a process made in a salon, but they temporarily replace eyebrow lamination in pregnancy and provide a beautiful appearance. Such methods are completely safe for the expectant mother and her baby.

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