How to properly care for curly hair

How to properly care for curly hair If previously unruly…

How to properly care for curly hair

If previously unruly curls were often straightened, now the trend for naturalness has come to the fore. How to properly wash, dry, cut and style curly hair? If you properly master the hair care routine for curly hair, you will soon get obedient and playful curls that everyone will envy.

Tips for caring:

  1. Use a moisturizing spray throughout the day to maintain sufficient moisture in the hair and prevent fluff and tangling.
  2. Comb curly and curly hair wet with a comb with sparse teeth. It is also recommended to distribute the mask, balm or conditioner with a comb. If you comb your curls dry, you can get a dandelion effect.
  3. Apply styling to wet hair. Water will help your hair to get beautiful curls, and styling products will fix them instantly.
  4. Apply styling products upside down, then squeeze and collect the individual strands into a fist, moving towards the scalp.
  5. To make curly hair less tangled during sleep, replace cotton pillowcases with silk ones. The skin of the face will also thank you for the absence of morning creases and bruises.
  6. When going to bed, gather your hair into a high ponytail on top of your head using a soft elastic band.
  7. Do not touch the hair until it is at least 80% dry, otherwise all the work on styling will go to waste.
  8. If possible, avoid aggressive effects on curly hair, so as not to make them even more brittle and dry.
  9. If you want to change the image and straighten your hair, do it as carefully as possible, setting the temperature on the iron no more than 200 ° C. In the process of straightening, work with small sections and do not swipe the strand more than twice. Straighten only well-dried hair, not forgetting about thermal protection.
  10. Style your hair with a fine wire sieve. This is in case there is no diffuser at hand. Put the strands in a sieve and dry this area with a hairdryer without a nozzle.

Use a targeted shampoo

Use a targeted shampoo

Curly hair refers to dry damaged hair, with a lot of voids. To eliminate dryness, to obtain the effect of a smooth and shiny curl, moisturizing shampoos are recommended, which, due to special components, make the hair saturated, lively and shiny.

Don’t roughhouse your hair

Technically, the curly method implies the rejection of a comb with small teeth, because they break the curl and disrupt the structure of the curl. Try using a comb with sparse teeth and only when the curls are soaked in conditioner. The method is not universal. For example, to untangle and distribute styling, a brush-comb can be useful. Fine waves and curls, or hair especially prone to tangling, may also be too fragile for wet untangling.

Diffusers are a curly girl’s best friend


Drying with a diffuser nozzle helps prevent fluffy hair. Thus, naturally curly strands, drying out, become clear and flawless curls. This is facilitated by the flat round shape of the diffuser, where you can put curls when drying. The diffuser allows you to control the heat distribution.

Use hair gel

Styling for curly hair not only helps to give a magnificent volume to the hairstyle, but also keeps the curls elastic, protects from drying out, brittleness and confusion. Creates a natural cast that is easily “broken” by hands, without gluing and weighting.

Extra care for colored curls

Extra care for colored curls

Masks give additional hair care and sometimes you can get an effect no worse than a salon one. And in the care of colored or curly hair, they become simply irreplaceable assistants. Due to masks, it is possible to restore damaged hair, restore softness and shine to them. So do not rush to cut the dried strands.

Go gentle on dry curls

The main requirement for cosmetics for brittle and dry hair is that it should effectively moisturize and actively nourish. Take care of your hair properly by choosing products without dyes, parabens and sulfates. Only products with natural ingredients will be able to carefully take care of the beauty and health of your curls, providing excellent results after the first application.

The beauty and health of curls depends on the correctness and consistency of the hair care routine for curly hair. The routine may seem complicated and bothersome. But that’s at the beginning, and when you see the result, the process will be fun.

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