How to repair damaged hair properly

If your hair has been recolored at least three or…

If your hair has been recolored at least three or four times, it can be categorized as damaged. And if you are late for a meeting, trying to quickly give your wet strands the desired shape with too hot air from the dryer, you should not be surprised at the reason why damage happens.

Causes of damage:

  • sloppy use of a hot blow dryer or curling iron, frequent curling;
  • thermal effects of tanning lamps;
  • aggressive environment (scorching sun in summer, frost in winter);
  • improper combing;
  • excessive use of chemical styling products: gels, hairsprays, mousses, etc;
  • hard and excessively chlorinated water;
  • use of shampoos and conditioners that do not suit your hair type.

Below, we’ll share a hair care routine for damaged hair that you can apply at home and beauty centers.

Defend against the Elements

A cap on the head

In winter and summer, keep hats, scarves, or caps on – whatever you normally wear. This way you’ll protect your locks from the sun or cold. In summer, use products with SPF, and don’t forget the conditioner to ensure successful treatment and repair.

Protect from heat styling

Refuse to use a dryer and a flat iron until the time of restoration of a healthy state. Pay attention to what you usually wash your head with. Even very good and high-quality shampoos of well-known brands primarily aim to rinse well, so they contain harsh chemicals, such as SLS. Products with panthenol or biotin, for example, can restore hair effectively and quickly.

Calm down when combing

Combs her hair

It’s not recommended to use a hard massage comb for ones with damaged hair or head skin. The cuticle is already dry, and its structure may be worsened by excessive mechanical impact when combing.

Care for colored hair

It’s important to follow at least three basic rules when caring for colored and damaged curls at home:

  1. Care for damaged hair at home involves regular gentle massage of the head. Rare and fragile curls will be grateful to you. The technique is simple: first the movements are light and stroking, then we increase the pressure and move to a circular massage. And so for 5-10 minutes a day.
  2. Eat meals with essential fatty acids that moisturize the scalp and curls. Be sure to include in your diet:
    • salmon;
    • tuna;
    • mackerel;
    • sardines;
    • herring;
    • walnuts;
    • flax seeds;
    • spinach;
    • brussels sprouts;
    • eggs.

However, sometimes only specialists can diagnose the condition of hair and choose a proper care scheme: these are doctors-trichologists or certified beauty professionals. So, don’t hesitate to visit a salon. Often it’s enough to have a single appointment only, which is not difficult to obtain on a regular basis. Additional expensive laboratory tests are rarely required and are mostly associated with the diagnosis of internal causes. As in any business, there are nuances in caring for damaged hair and you need to be extremely careful not to let it become thin and start breaking.

No need for excessive washing

Washing hair

Basic steps in washing:

  1. Scalp Washing. Use any hair repair shampoo by certified brands. It’s ideal for dry and damaged curls. The formulas allow to provide proper care, gently clean and moisturize, and restore the structure and shine.
  2. Apply the conditioner along the entire length. Most hair conditioners contain nourishing oils and organic fruit extracts. Silk proteins in some products complement the action of the shampoo, contribute to a healthy shine, and increase the strength of the hair structure. Intensive nourishment is provided by a complex of oils.
  3. Apply oil to the ends. Further, nourish and protect the most vulnerable parts with multifunctional oil elixirs or masks. The product perfectly softens and nourishes, protects the cuticle, and gives a healthy shine. It’s easy to care for dry hair ends this way.

Professional care

There is a misconception that the hair care routine for damaged hair at home is ineffective, and with professional care there is a risk of seriously alleviating the contents of the purse without getting the desired effect. Actually, it’s not true, because a comprehensive routine both at home and at a beauty center can help to restore your hair properly.

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