How do you prepare different skin types before applying makeup

Proper preparation of the skin before applying makeup is one…

Proper preparation of the skin before applying makeup is one of the most important steps in creating makeup of any level of complexity. However, this stage is not always given sufficient attention or is completely skipped. This is a mistake. A clean and moisturized face and neck allow you to apply cosmetics more smoothly and naturally. Everything is easily shaded and lasts a long time. The effect of comfort and freshness is achieved. To create the perfect makeup that will last for a long time, it is important to consider how do you prepare different skin types before applying makeup.

Importance of Skin Care Before Makeup

Care before applying makeup

The preparation of the skin before applying decorative cosmetics includes several basic steps. Cleansing and moisturizing are mandatory steps in preparation for cosmetic procedures. It is important to give them time and attention, because only with cleansed skin will makeup look smooth and neat. The remaining stages of working with the face are complementary, they can be changed or even skipped depending on the planned makeup.

Trends in the beauty world are constantly changing, but the main condition for high-quality makeup is good skin condition. The main factors to consider are:

  • If the type is dry, then decorative cosmetics will emphasize fine wrinkles formed due to a lack of moisture as well as peeling.
  • Oily epidermis will not allow cosmetics to last for several hours, as it will “float” along with foundation, blush, and powder.
  • Dull skin can deprive makeup of brightness and visually make it pale.

Preparation before applying decorative cosmetics will help hide flaws and improve the durability of cosmetics without the need for constant adjustments throughout the day. If the face is cleansed, rested, and has a natural blush, the image looks natural and attractive.

Steps to Take to Prepare Your Skin Before Makeup Application

Preparing the skin before using cosmetics helps to solve several problems:

  1. Clean your face from everyday dirt, dust, and excess sebum.
  2. Moisturize the epidermis and smooth out peeling and dry areas.
  3. Align the microrelief of the epidermis and make its surface smoother so that cosmetics can lie flat.
  4. Correct skin features: remove greasy shine, add radiance, hide redness or uneven tones, and more.

If all the steps are carried out regularly, they will prolong the durability of makeup and protect it from smudging or rolling in facial lines.

Cleanse Away

Cleansing the skin

Basic training necessarily includes cleansing. Cleaning the skin is one of the most important stages of preparation, as it allows you to remove from the surface of the skin all the impurities that have accumulated on it overnight and prepare it for further care. For morning washing, it is enough to use a basic cleanser in the form of a gel or foam, which will gently cleanse excess sebum and will not cause tightness. More powerful products, such as hydrophilic oils or two-phase makeup lotions, are recommended to be used in the evening when a more thorough cleansing of the face is required. It is also possible to use a mousse for washing with a moisturizing effect, which does not contain alcohol and provides hydration and cleanliness without feeling tight.

Always Use Alcohol-Free Toner

Alcohol-free toner

A tonic should always be used after the cleansing stage. This is especially important for owners of oily skin, as it helps to balance its pH and reduce the amount of sebum. For owners of dry skin, toning is also an essential step. In this case, components for nutrition are added to the tonic. It contains useful substances and trace elements. It is important to choose an alcohol-free tonic, as it can cause irritation and dryness.

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

Exfoliation of the skin

If you are planning to create makeup for a special occasion, it is important to scrub or use peeling. The epidermis is constantly being updated, and sometimes it can be seen with the naked eye—peeling appears. Therefore, it is recommended to periodically use a peeling or scrub to help exfoliate old cells of the upper layer of the epidermis. This can be considered an additional stage of preparation before makeup and is not suitable for daily use. It is recommended to use a scrub or peel no more than once a week.

A scrub or peeling is necessary for deeper cleansing. Ordinary foams or gels for washing work gently. The scrub works differently. Hard abrasive particles effectively cleanse the skin, removing, for example, black dots. Thanks to these procedures, the skin becomes smoother, and the makeup looks smoother and lasts longer.

If, for some reason, it is impossible to use a peel or scrub, exfoliation can be applied as an additional cleansing procedure. The exfoliation procedure is simple: apply the product, massage, and rinse with water. If the use of water is undesirable, then you can use special exfoliating wipes and simply wipe your face with them.

Due to exfoliation, the relief looks uniform. The face acquires smoothness and elasticity. And most importantly, after exfoliation, moisturizers are absorbed faster.

Take Care of Your Under Eye Skin

Skin care under the eyes

In the process of preparing the skin for applying decorative cosmetics, the area around the eyes should not be ignored. This area requires special care. If you do not pay attention to the delicate area and do not moisturize, the concealer and foundation will be actively absorbed, leaving only a dry pigment. Dehydrated skin around the eyes is at risk of highlighting wrinkles and spoiling the image.

For those who are worried about seeing bags under their eyes, sagging, dullness, fatigue, and wrinkles in the corners, it is recommended to use hydrogel patches or a light cream before basic decorative cosmetics. They will help smooth the surface and give it elasticity and radiance. Additionally, you can do self-massage.

To achieve the brightness of the shadows and good shading and prevent them from rolling down in the crease of the eyelid, a special primer base can be applied to the area around the eyes. The primer will smooth out the eyelid area, even out the tone, and hide pigmentation or dark areas. Additionally, it improves the adhesion of the pigment to the skin, allowing you to fully reveal its color possibilities.

Moisturize More Than You Think

Skin hydration

Moisturizing is another mandatory step in preparing the skin for makeup. The moisturizer will not only saturate the epidermis with moisture but also slightly align its surface and smooth out the microrelief. This will allow cosmetics to be more evenly distributed and makeup to look much more natural. In addition, on well-moisturized skin, the foundation does not roll off, does not enter the pores, and does not emit flaky areas. The choice of a moisturizer should correspond to the type and needs of the skin: for the oily or combined type, a light mattifying gel is suitable, for the dry type, a rich nourishing cream, for older people, a lifting anti-aging cream is necessary.

Ideally, if the moisturizer contains SPF filters. This component provides the necessary protection from ultraviolet radiation and eliminates the need to apply sunscreen before the primer. This is another secret: how to prep your skin for flawless makeup.

You can also use a silky cream sorbet with a light gel texture, which is instantly absorbed and provides long-lasting, intense hydration. This product fills with moisture, increases elasticity, and helps to smooth out fine wrinkles caused by dehydration. This gel is ideal for normal or combination skin.

The nourishing anti-aging cream intensively moisturizes the epidermis and helps to visually smooth out age-related wrinkles by saturating cells with moisture. A high concentration of hyaluronic acid and glycerin is usually responsible for moisturizing and smoothing. The formula of the cream with a complex SPF 50 sunscreen filter helps to slow down the processes of photoaging and prevent the appearance of pigmentation.

Serum is Always a Great Idea

Facial Serum

The serum is considered an elixir of beauty. It contains 40–70% of active substances, therefore, it has a higher concentration of active ingredients compared to the cream. It contains minerals, vitamins A and E, and plant extracts. Hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, marine collagen, and innovative anti-aging components are always present.

Most of the serums have a liquid consistency since they do not contain fatty components, except oil serums, which have a base oil. Due to this, serums are more easily absorbed and penetrate not only into the epidermis but also into deeper layers, being conductors of active substances.

Serums are intensive care products that are used in cases where creams have not given the desired effect. They help to solve problems such as dehydration, age-related changes, pigmentation, wrinkles, and dullness.

Mist Your Face With Rosewater

Rose water for the face

Wetting the face with rose water is a good way to tone the surface of the face, especially if it is dry. Regular use of rose water helps to moisturize and give freshness. This remedy helps to restore the pH, which helps to preserve youth.

Rose water contains many substances with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that reduce irritation. Water with rose essential oil is an excellent remedy for cleansing the face of impurities and sebum that clog the pores. It is enough to apply rose water to a cotton pad or napkin and wipe your face.

Primer is Key

Applying the primer

Preparing the skin before decorative cosmetics is an important step in creating the perfect image. It helps to create an ideal “base” for applying foundation and other decorative products and also improves the durability and quality of makeup. The makeup base fills in the irregularities of the epidermis, smooths wrinkles, and moisturizes. In addition, the primer allows you to hide problem areas such as enlarged pores, redness, or pigmentation.

Matting bases prevent the appearance of a greasy shine and fix makeup, preventing it from rolling off. Bases with reflective particles give the face radiance and eliminate dullness, and silicone bases hide pores and facial irregularities. The color bases allow you to adjust the color.

Leveling primers often contain a powder that diffuses light, makes the skin radiant, and eliminates irregularities. The mattifying powder absorbs excess sebum, preventing a greasy shine.

Your Lips Need Love Too

Lip hydration

It is necessary to pay attention to lip care. Before applying bright lipstick, it is recommended to exfoliate and moisturize the lips so that the lipstick lies flat and does not emphasize peeling. To do this, you can use a special sugar scrub that smoothes the surface of the lips and moisturizes them. A balm with oils is also used.

Do Your Makeup as Usual and Dazzle

After preparing the skin and lips, you can apply makeup as usual and enjoy its durability and beauty. The main thing is not to miss anything. Makeup artists know that the success of the created image depends on how you prepare different skin types before applying makeup. Do not ignore the rules and tips, and enjoy it gorgeously!

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