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When it comes to well-groomed hands, first of all, many…

When it comes to well-groomed hands, first of all, many representatives of the fair sex think about the coating color and design. Although in fact this is far from the most crucial thing. Of course, it is important to understand fashionable shades in order to be on trend. But, if you care about your health, you need to figure out: what is the safest nail manicure to make the right choice.

In fact, when applying any coating and nail treatment with the help of special devices, it is possible to harm the delicate plate. Sometimes it can even pose a danger to the health of the whole body. However, some species, as practice shows, pose the least risks. We will consider their application in this article and help you draw the right conclusions.

Natural Manicure

Natural Manicure

The complete absence of polish or its minimal usage is one of the main characteristics of a natural manicure. Modern care products often contain plasticizers to strengthen the plate. With long-term use, they can have a negative impact on overall health. Therefore, their absence is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also environmentally friendly.

In order to comply with the safety rules, a natural manicure must be properly executed. Its name speaks for itself and means that the nail decor should correspond to the natural style as much as possible. The main characteristics are:

  • minimum amount of varnish or its complete absence;
  • nails natural shape;
  • lack of decorative elements.

This type of manicure is done, first of all, in order to properly clean the nails and put them in order. The use of aggressive means, as a rule, is not required. How to do:

  1. Giving the cuticle a neat appearance.
  2. Fixing a certain shape.
  3. Processing of the upper surface of the plate with a special file, which has a fine grain. This will help to give the nails a beautiful shine.
  4. Varnishing is possible, but not necessarily.

Natural manicure assumes the most natural shape of the plate. If you have short nails, it should be round, and an oval or almond–shaped is more preferable for long ones.

Why this procedure is considered safe

Many female representatives are interested in the question: what is the safety of such processing of the nail plate. To perform a natural manicure, acetone which can have a negative impact is not usually used. It can damage or dehydrate the plate.

An important feature of the procedure is that it does not involve frequent filing. There is also no need to constantly do polishing. It is done only at the beginning of the procedure using a special tool – a fine-grained buffer.

It is advisable to avoid applying products with aggressive chemicals. It is simply not necessary to use them. Natural covering itself is very beautiful.

A Standard Nail Polish Manicure

A Standard Nail Polish Manicure

Subject to compliance with safety rules, the use of high-quality disposable tools in salons, the choice of varnishes with a gentle composition of standard manicure will help maintain the beauty and health of nails. The care procedure is considered one of the easiest to perform. What it includes:

  1. Professional cuticle treatment: fixation and careful alignment.
  2. Getting rid of dead cells formed on the nail plate. Apply a special nail file, which is characterized by an average grain size.
  3. Giving a beautiful shape by carefully trimming and filing the edges of the nail.
  4. Creating an original design using conventional lacquers.

Why the procedure is considered harmless to health

Safety lies in the fact that conventional varnishes do not contain a large amount of acetone, which degrades the plate structure. During the process, there is no need for frequent use of a file. The procedure of removing the coating is considered sparing. In addition, when applying the product, no dangerous fumes are released into the air, as happens when using acrylic varnish.

What will increase the safety of application

What you need to pay attention for protecting yourself from accidental risks:

When choosing nail polish, give preference to water-based products. They are considered the most harmless and have a beneficial effect on the nail. Removing the coating is considered gentle: you will not need a special cosmetic product for this. For this purpose, you will need to hold your hands in warm water and carefully remove the film from the nails. The cost of high-quality water-based products is quite high, but the benefits of their use are obvious.

If you decide to use a regular varnish that is at hand, use a coating remover that does not contain acetone. They are popular, and they can be bought at any specialty store. The effect is gentle. At the same time, these products remove the coating from the nails as well as their analogues with acetone.

Gel Polish Manicure

Gel Polish Manicure

To realize the dream of any woman associated with the ideal condition of the hands, allows you to solve the gel polish. The coating has many advantages: using it for a few weeks, you can forget about manicures. And at the same time, you can do anything without fear of damaging it.

When looking for a gentle alternative to gel, semi-gel or acrylic coating, be sure to pay attention to gel varnishes. Speaking about their relative safety, it must be remembered that during the removal process, the natural structure of the nail is preserved more. In addition, when applying the product, aggressive chemicals that worsen overall health are not used.

There is no doubt that regular varnishes are more gentle and harmless, but the use of a gel coating will allow you to get a more durable result. You will be able to do anything related to long immersion of hands in water, and your manicure will remain flawless. The coating with gel polish lasts about 3 weeks, while with its usual analogue you will be the owner of a perfect manicure for less than 1 week.

Why gel coating is considered less safe

When raising the issue of harmlessness, the following things should be taken into account:

  1. Removal is more difficult compared to conventional lacquers. The structure of the nail can be damaged by the master during this procedure.
  2. When applying, the fingers are exposed to ultraviolet light, because the specific product is a special way of drying using a lamp with LEDs.

Recommendations for improving security

You can reduce the risks of damage to the structure of nails by following simple rules:

  1. When choosing a coating remover, give preference in favor of products without acetone content. As you can see, this advice is considered common for all types of lacquers.
  2. During the drying procedure, use special gloves or lubricate the skin of your hands with a special cream that prevents the negative effects of ultraviolet light.

Dip Powder Manicure

Dip Powder Manicure

The procedure name comes from the English word dip, which means to immerse. Also, this type of coating is called powdery manicure. Do not mislead yourself: the procedure has no therapeutic effect, so the condition of the nails will not improve much when it is used. However, the appearance of defects and deterioration of the structure of the plate can be avoided. In addition, hypoallergenic materials are used in the procedure, which is very important for the fair sex with sensitive skin.

The indisputable advantages are:

  • no need to use a lamp;
  • duration of exposure;
  • gentle removal.

The indisputable advantage of the application is the durability. It is kept in the hands for about 4 weeks. They are in perfect condition without chipping and peeling.

If you compare a powdery manicure with a regular varnish, then it is considered less safe. Due to the strength of the coating, it is much more difficult to remove it. More aggressive components are used for these purposes. However, after applying the dip powder procedure, the plate is safer from damage due to the features of the layer.

What should be considered to minimize risks

If the safety rules are not observed by the masters in beauty salons, the deep powder manicure can cause an infection to enter the body. The components and materials for the procedure absolutely cannot be reused. If this rule is not followed, it is more likely that microbes will appear in the composition.

The coating is characterized by increased strength. For removing it, you may need to apply acetone and fill the natural structure of the plate. This will affect their condition in the future. Sometimes, due to the individual characteristics of the body, an allergic reaction to the components of the powder may occur.

How to increase the safety of manicure

Remove the coating with acetone-free products. For these purposes, you can use a special mixture of vegetable-based oils and soap. Or an electric nail file will cope with such a task.

Pay attention to ensure that the powder is not reused. After coating, the dipping agent should be thrown out.

Press on Nails

One of the modern techniques that is now gaining popularity is press on nails. Among its advantages, the absence of chemical components and excessive exposure on the plate are noted. Filing and acetone-based products are used very little.

Instead of glue for applying stickers, use special pads that are attached to a double-sided tape. They are considered a more gentle material that does not damage the structure.

Of the minuses, it should be noted that the manicure is short-lived. He needs to be given preference if you are going to some important event, and you need to put your hands in order urgently. To protect yourself, use the base layer, which will serve as a kind of buffer against damage.

We hope that this article has become useful in studying the question: what is the safest nail manicure. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Choose the safest means to maintain the beauty and well-groomed hands.

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