Difference between brow tint and brow dye

Many girls start their morning not with coffee, but with…

Many girls start their morning not with coffee, but with the question “how to paint eyebrows so that they look natural?”. After all, modern fashion trends dictate the rules of naturalness and grooming. And it is the eyebrows that help to make the look expressive, create character and rejuvenate the face, transforming any person. Today, the market offers a huge selection of eyebrow and eyelash coloring products. It is important to choose a tool that is not just to decorate, but also suits you. It is better to familiarize yourself with all the differences between brow tint and brow dye to know what will be the best solution for you.

What is brow tint?

What is brow tint?

Eyebrow tint is a persistent pigment that stains hairs and skin. It is absorbed into the application area, leaving a bright and super-resistant makeup. Features:

  • It stays on the skin for 2-3 hours;
  • The resulting makeup lasts up to 15 days;
  • The product allows you to radically change the shade and shape of the eyebrows.

Tint combines the advantages of other popular makeup products. It fills the space between the hairs as well as a pencil or henna, but it lasts for a long time – like paint. The product allows you to achieve excellent results similar to eyebrow tattooing. However, the procedure of transformation with him will be painless, less costly and will not require the intervention of a professional makeup artist or cosmetologist.

The main advantage of all eyebrow tints is durability and reliability. Be sure that your makeup will not be erased by an accidental touch, will not be washed away by rain and will not spread at the most inopportune moment. The pigment affects not only the hairs, but also the skin, making your eyebrows thicker and more expressive. It’s almost perfect! But before you paint your eyebrows with a tint, you should also learn about its disadvantages. So, attention.

  • The product freezes for a long time, so it will not be possible to transform instantly.
  • Tint is hardly rubbed off the skin, so it does not tolerate mistakes when using – apply it as carefully and evenly as possible.
  • Upon contact with water and cleaning agents, the pigment loses its saturation, some colors give a reddish hue.
  • To apply the tint flawlessly, you need to get used to it: the composition is quite thick and hardly shaded.

What is brow dye?

What is brow dye?

A whole industry is engaged in the development of professional paint options for coloring eyebrows and eyelashes. And a number of strict requirements are imposed on the product itself. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to smear on the eyebrows what is intended for hair.

So, the brow dye must:

  • Meet special — ophthalmological — safety requirements (do not contain ammonia and other dangerous components that help the dye penetrate deeper) — so, if something goes wrong, your eyes will be protected;
  • Do not cause allergic reactions;
  • Be persistent, do not burn out in the sun;
  • When washing out, do not affect the natural color of the eyebrows;
  • Contain caring components for density and better growth (vitamins, oils, etc.).

Today, you can color your eyebrows both at home and in a beauty salon. Even with a shortage of time, the second option is preferable. Only a real master, using a professional composition, will carry out the design and painting of eyebrows perfectly.


  • Beautifully, dull hairs immediately look brighter;
  • You can mask bald spots;
  • Eyebrows acquire a beautiful shape;
  • The effect will last for a long time, on average about a month.


  • An allergic reaction is not excluded;
  • The use of low-quality paint can further lighten the hairs.

Which should you book in for?

Which should you book in for?

The difference between brow dye and tint is not so obvious, so first you should understand exactly what you need.

Dye is a proven option that will last on the eyebrows for a long time. But at the same time, many people do not like too dense coverage. If done unprofessionally, it will turn out vulgar and old-fashioned.

Eyebrow pigments have a far from safe composition and are somewhat similar to the components of hair dyes, but with a lower concentration of dangerous substances.

Tint adds a tint color, so eyebrows always look easy and natural. The composition of these products is gentler for the hair.

The product is recommended for women with bald spots on the eyebrows, rarely growing or pale whitish hair, requiring a bright toning effect.

The components of the dye, coming into contact with hair, skin, are eaten into them, staining the upper layer of the epidermis. The longer it does not wash off, the brighter, more persistent the effect will be.

Staining is washed off as the upper skin cells naturally peel off and under the influence of daily hygiene. The color gradually brightens.

Most eyebrow coloring products are effective and safe. But when choosing a means for yourself, you should focus on the end result and the goal set. It is important to understand the difference between brow tint and brow dye in order to accurately choose the option that will transform your image.

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