Difference between day and evening makeup

Proper makeup emphasizes the advantages of appearance, masks flaws and…

Proper makeup emphasizes the advantages of appearance, masks flaws and makes the image more feminine and stylish. When applying it, the purpose should be taken into account: for daytime or evening, every day or special look. Understanding what is the difference between day and evening makeup makes it possible to look confident, unique and harmonious.

Day Makeup vs Night Makeup


A make-up designed for daylight hours should be as natural as possible. When creating it, apply gray, white, blue, pink, peach, golden, beige and other neutral tones. Evening makeup is catchier. It involves the use of bright saturated shades, which, under artificial lighting, give a special charm to the image of a lady.

When applying daytime makeup, do not use too many cosmetics. It should be limited to a light foundation or loose powder, shadows, mascara, blush, lipstick or gloss. You can make such a make-up in 15-20 minutes. Whereas to create a flawless evening look, you will need much more money and effort. Pencils for eyes and eyebrows, shimmering shadows, blush of saturated shades, mascara or false eyelashes, powder, foundation, concealer, bright lipstick, lip liner – all these can be useful in the process of face transformation. By the way, this lesson will take a lot of time, and in the absence of practice, it will also shake your nerves pretty much.

An evening make-up is suitable for going out, whether it’s visiting a theater or a restaurant. It is obvious that holidays and celebrations also belong to the category of special events. The daytime make-up is adapted for regular use in the daytime. It is optimally suited for work, study, walking with children, etc. However, in artificial lighting conditions, makeup will be almost invisible. In conclusion, it is worth noting that the evening make-up allows you to focus both on the eyes and on the lips at the same time. With natural makeup, this is absolutely unacceptable. In the latter case, it is necessary to emphasize only one part of the face.

The difference between day and evening makeup is the basis. Its main task is to decorate, but it can’t really decorate if it doesn’t look harmonious. It is important to correctly select shades and textures for the event.

Learn more about daytime makeup

It is a type of decorative makeup application, characterized by softness and naturalness. The main rule of this type of makeup is to observe a sense of proportion. After all, the switched-on lamp significantly increases the risk of overkill with color. Since daytime makeup is designed for natural light, any flaws on the skin become noticeable. The use of a light loose powder or an unobtrusive foundation allows you to hide them.

Natural, matte look

Natural, matte look

Do you think that matte makeup is a lot of boring office workers? You’re wrong — this is a hot trend on fashion catwalks. Long—lasting, natural and versatile – matte makeup will help you out in any situation.

Matte and velvety — this is what girls call ideal skin. How to tame greasy shine on your face?

  • Always start makeup with skin preparation: apply a fat-free primer to smooth out pores and remove excess sebum.
  • Carefully study the composition of your foundation: the formula should not contain oils and lanolin, but it is very important to have absorbents that prevent the appearance of greasy shine on the face (titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, amethyst powder and other minerals).
  • Finally, finish the makeup with a thin layer of powder to consolidate and prolong the matting effect.
  • Foundation creams for oily skin are most often presented in two textures. Mattifying (matte) – provides a stable coating without greasy shine. Velvety – gives the skin a natural matte finish.
  • The idea of matte blush seems a little strange if you are used to always applying highlighter to your cheekbones. But try to break the rules, and then you will see the most natural blush on your face. 
  • Matte shadows without any shine or flicker are a good choice for daytime makeup, but sometimes they are difficult to cope with: too dry and loose formula leads to a non—uniform coating, spots and difficulties when shading. Matte lipstick is a recognized classic. But it is not always comfortable to wear: the dense formula will ruthlessly emphasize even the slightest dryness and cracks on the lips. But there is one simple trick that will tame even the most capricious lipstick.

Flawless Skin

Before applying cosmetics, the skin of the face should be prepared:

  • clean with a daily cleanser;
  • wipe with a tonic;
  • apply a moisturizer.

If there are skin imperfections and small inflammations, disguise with a corrector. Its texture should be slightly denser than the foundation. 

After the cream is completely absorbed, apply a foundation. It should be light in texture and skin tone. 

Powder will help to fix the base. Her tone should match the skin tone. 

It is applied with a brush, with light movements on the whole face and neck;

In the area of zone T, walk with a lighter tone on: the part of the forehead above the bridge of the nose, the back of the nose and the place above the cheekbone and under the eyebrow.

Blush will help to give freshness to the face and create a healthy blush. They should be light: pink or peach. 

Non-Greasy Look

Non-Greasy Look

An even tone of the face without flaws is the basis of all the basics. Whatever makeup you do, without paying due attention to the skin of the face, everything will go down the drain. Even more so in matte make-up! Without eliminating the greasy shine, even the best matte eyeshadows will not save your makeup.

All girls who are lucky enough to have oily, combined or normal skin know firsthand about the otherwise greasy shine, which is the main task when applying cosmetics. There are plenty of matting cosmetics – these are matting serums, fluids, tonal agents and even matting wipes.

Learn more about evening makeup

It is a method of applying cosmetics designed for special occasions. Designed to emphasize sophistication, elegance and sophistication. Suitable for parties with friends, as well as for holidays, corporate events, romantic dates, etc. Skillfully applied evening makeup amazingly transforms the face, making its features more expressive. At the same time, the active use of cosmetics is not hidden, but, on the contrary, is exposed, elevated to the rank of a kind of art. And indeed, creating evening make-up is quite a complex science. Here it is necessary to observe the correct proportions of color and tone, otherwise the image will turn out to be gaudy and tasteless.

Larger eyes

  • A woman with brown eyes can apply any color of the shadow palette, except yellow shades. Yellow is inappropriate for evening makeup, as it will make the face tired and give it a sickly look.
  • Gray-eyed beauties can use olive, blue and purple shadows in their eye makeup. 
  • Evening makeup for green eyes and light hair color should be done using a brown pencil. Shadows can be chosen in the following colors: milk chocolate, gold, olive color, gray-brown tone. Green makeup is great for both brunettes and blondes with this eye color.
  • Blue-eyed beauties can use silver, golden, chocolate and purple tones. 

More dramatic lips

More dramatic lips

Makeup with bright lips is a win—win option for both the evening and the afternoon meeting.

In evening makeup with a bright accent on the lips, nuances are important: make sure that the tone is perfectly even (bright lipstick will instantly increase all the flaws). If you apply matte lipstick, it is best to draw the contour with a pencil, and if satin — apply it either with a brush or with your fingertips for a fashionable effect of kissed lips. Going to a party, use a glossy lip polish or gloss — the durability will immediately decrease, but the makeup will be spectacular.

More suitable for special occasions

The degree of expressiveness of makeup always depends on the case for which it is performed. So, for one reason, a modest make-up is needed, for another, a bold sexy one is suitable, with the inclusion of cheerful colors and new-fangled cosmetic textures.

  • Geometrically outlined arrows with light shading and nude shadows are what concerns eye makeup. “Juicy” nude lips fit perfectly into this chic festive makeup. Makeup artists have often used lipsticks with a glossy finish in autumn makeup, they add volume to the lips.
  • The eternal classic is makeup, the main basis of which are: an even tone of the face, wide eyebrows, long eyelashes, highlighter, natural contouring and bright red lips.
  • Bright eye makeup with expressive eyeliner, for a festive event, can be supplemented with nude or classic red lipstick.
  • Sequins will immediately make everyday makeup festive. Here is a beautiful expressive makeup with an emphasis on the eyes. A lot of sequins + a clear arrow + a haze of shaded shadows is the key to perfect makeup for a special event. Pay special attention to the eyebrows, as well as the lips, which are better left in a neutral beige color scheme.

Should You Redo Your Makeup During the Day?

Should You Redo Your Makeup at Night?

Updating makeup is required during the day only if something is showered or smeared. It is important to do this carefully. Fix only the desired area. There is no need to apply an additional layer or a new tool. This will make it too aggressive. It will look sloppy and catchy.

Should You Redo Your Makeup at Night?

It requires a little updating and adjustment. At any event, you need to eat, drink or dance. The sweat from dancing can ruin. Just be careful. If the face has become greasy, then you should use matting wipes that will not spoil the makeup.

If you understand what is the difference between day and evening make-up, you will definitely choose the image. Every exit does not go unnoticed. Nothing is more beautifying than healthy skin, shine in the eyes and properly selected colors.

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