Which eyebrow color is best for blondes

If you choose the wrong eyebrow color, it spoils the…

If you choose the wrong eyebrow color, it spoils the whole image at once: blondes with black eyebrows are perhaps the most popular illustration to the list of “10 main beauty taboos”. 

What is the perfect eyebrow color for blondes? To get the most natural result, it is necessary to take into account several nuances at once. Let’s first look at the advantages of this procedure:

  1. The ability to make dull bright;
  2. You hide bald spots, if any;
  3. They have a perfect shape;
  4. Preservation of the effect for a long time.

What shades are suitable for eyebrows for blonde hair

Which eyebrow color is best for blondes

This is real art. The face of light beauties can be spoiled by excessively bright or expressive brow arches. And at the same time, too light and delicate shades are also not welcome, otherwise the image turns out to be faded and expressionless.

What should I do in this case? Trust in what nature has bestowed and forbid yourself any manipulation? Actually, no. The correct shape and color help to emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages.

When choosing a shade, factors such as skin, hair and eye should be taken into account. When choosing, you need to remember that the brows should not be darker than the hair by more than 3 tones. If it is colored in cold tones, then the choice should be stopped on ash-gray shades. With a warm palette– golden-beige. Important! Such girls should beware of cosmetics with a red tint. Only girls with red hair paint with them. If you focus on the iris, then there are laws here. So, the owners of brown eyes suit natural shades.

For girls with blue eyes, dark golden, light brown or gray shades are suitable. Beauties with green eyes like light brown and gray shades. The arcs should only emphasize the beauty of the girl’s eyes. For blondes with a very rare rainbow color (black), it is recommended to paint in chocolate shades. A smooth transition from light hair to dark eyes create a beautiful harmonious image.

For Platinum

For Platinum

Cold blondes look best in shades of taupe, light gray and gray-brown.

Beautiful shape and light gray, gray-brown:

  • give the face expressiveness;
  • they shade the eye —the eyes seem brighter;
  • they make the face younger; it is no coincidence that lifting surgery is one of the most popular.

For Light

For Light

Light gray, light brown or wheat-brown brows are optimal. Owners of curls with a cold undertone suit “taupe”, “gray-brown”, “light gray”.

For Medium

For Medium

Feel free to choose chestnut-golden, amber or brown in a light undertone.

For Dark

For Dark

Ash-blond or caramel, a shade of champagne will look good.

Expert Makeup Tips for Blonde Hair

Without regular care, they quickly lose their original appearance, and also become duller and faded. They begin to thin out and as a result lose their unique shape and shade. Eyebrows that are regularly exposed to paint need particularly careful care. Each tattooing should be accompanied by an appropriate recovery stage so that the hairs remain strong and elastic.

Applying decorative cosmetics helps to give the image a zest, but girls should always stick to the golden mean, so as not to overdo it with drugs.

The ideal solution may be a pencil that emphasizes the natural shape and gives them an expressive look. Use pencils slightly darker than the natural color for makeup.

Care allows the use of eyeliner. With its help, the contour becomes more accurate, and the color can be made richer. Blondes can be recommended with special shadows that give volume and fluffiness.

Basic tips:

  • Only the lower border should be plucked.
  • The arcs must be symmetrical.
  • By the end, it is made thinner.
  • The width should match the lips.
  • The bigger and plumper the lips, the wider the eyebrow.
  • Cosmetics should be well shaded after application.

Tip #1: Pick the Right Color

Pick the Right Color

Dye for hair should be selected depending on the warmth of the hair shade and the type of the face —the eyes and skin. Since this is very difficult, and there is an option to make a mistake, it is better to contact a professional specialist.

Girls with cold light focus on ash-gray and gray-brown shades. Light and dark brown shades will be in good harmony with the hair of warm tones.

If a woman uses self-tanning or gets a beautiful chocolate tan during a beach holiday, then at this time her eyebrows should become darker, and a chocolate shade of paint will do well.

Tip #2: Choose the Right Makeup

Choose the Right Makeup

Using cosmetics according to the instructions, you avoid unnecessary mistakes and look natural.

The use of paint allows you to save time on makeup in the morning in the future. It must be remembered that in a few days the saturation of the fake tattoo will go away. Before applying the paint, a greasy cream is applied around to protect the skin. The cream should not get on the hairs themselves. The paint is prepared according to the instructions. The process itself is no different. The composition is applied to the hairs with a special rigid brush, which is included in the kit. The direction of applying the paint goes from the outer corner to the bridge of the nose. For high-quality application, you should contact a beauty salon. The master selects the right shade, shape and performs the procedure.

Tip #3: Know Your Tools

Know Your Tools

Test any cosmetics (pencils, shadows, gels, etc.). Thanks to this, you will be able to determine how to apply the composition more efficiently.

Tip #4: Mix and Match

Mix and Match

Having chosen the right color with blonde hair, you can try different ways and types of design. Do it in a calm environment. Do not try something new before an important meeting, the image may not work out, and you will be complex.

Tip #5: Perfect Application

Perfect Application

With the help of a small instruction, you can perform self-painting, even without special skills.

At first, you may find this process time-consuming. But in fact, it is simple and easily doable at home.

The process is conditionally divided into several stages, which alternate sequentially with each other.

It is important that after painting they look the same and have the same width, bend and shape. To do this, you first need to draw the desired contour and thickness with a standard pencil. The resulting simulation result should satisfy you.

For the process you need:

  • Paint;
  • A thin stick or brush for painting;
  • Cotton pads or ear sticks;
  • Special marking paste or greasy face cream.

Before painting, make sure that your hands are not shaking, and you are in a calm, unexcited state, since even a slight tremor of the hands can negatively affect the painting.

Remove long hairs and those that go beyond the outlined contour.

Next, apply a marking paste around the simulated contour so that after soaking into the skin, it remains on the surface. This is necessary so that the excess paint cannot penetrate the layer of the marking paste and stain the excess skin area, thereby the paste provides a barrier.

Apply a light cream to the skin. This way they receive additional nutrition and avoid excessive dryness. Some cosmetologists recommend using castor oil, which is very useful for growth and for health.

Why can’t you paint it yourself?

There are actually several reasons:

  • Hand fatigue;
  • Excessive tension makes it impossible to make smooth movements;
  • Excessive sweating of the skin.

Make-up is best done in a room that is well lit. After you have painted, go outside and see how this tone will look. It is best to use soft, dark ones that make you visually older and will be too conspicuous.

Tip #6: Keep it Soft

Keep it Soft

All the lines should be smooth, do not focus on the contour. Try to draw the hairs so that they look thick and dense.

With self-correction, you need to know the basic scheme that allows you to create a perfectly correct shape. To begin with, define three points: the beginning, the end and the peak. Then connect them together and mark the lower contour. All the hairs that were behind the contours, you pluck.

Tip #7: Get the Right Brows for Your Face Shape

Get the Right Brows

Threads, which were popular relatively recently, have finally gone out of fashion. They gave way to natural beauty: thick and wide natural eyebrows. However, some women have not been able to restore the density of the eyebrows plucked at home. And others by nature do not have pronounced hairs. In this case, various means come to the rescue, including professional coloring.

The first thing that attracts attention in them is the color of their hair. Curls of all possible shades attract the eyes of others. However, do not forget about the eyebrows. Believe me, even if you have the most luxurious golden curls, if the eyebrow color for blondes do not match with them, then this will be the first thing that will attract curious eyes. From this we draw a simple conclusion: everything should be in harmony. In order to look good in combination with hair, you need to take into account many factors. The basic principles of selection include: eye, skin and, of course, hair.

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