What are the pros and cons of eyebrow lamination?

The cosmetic procedure of eyebrow lamination has recently gained great…

The cosmetic procedure of eyebrow lamination has recently gained great popularity among the fair sex of different ages. It is understood as a non-invasive effect on the hairs structure by means of perming. It allows changing their direction and making the natural material more mobile. Flexibility is acquired due to the destruction of protein bonds, which occurs under the influence of organic compounds, including keratin, thioglycolic acid or its derivatives. Let’s figure out together what eyebrow lamination pros and cons are in order to determine the need for the procedure in each specific case.

What is the Maintenance for Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination

Eyebrow care after lamination procedure is quite simple. After each morning wash, they should be combed with a special brush. The shape is fixed with gel or wax.

What should be done to make the procedure as effective as possible:

  1. Brush your eyebrows in the right direction every morning with a special brush with soft bristles.
  2. Apply special gels for grooming and shaping.
  3. It is useful to make masks using vegetable-based oils.

After applying a special cosmetic product, which includes keratin, softens and straightens unruly hairs. They acquire a well-groomed appearance. If the master uses high-quality formulations in the beauty salon, then they consist mainly of useful components including vitamin E, omega-3, vitamin C, useful antioxidants, and the consistency regulator silicon dioxide.

Eyebrow Lamination Pros

The dream of every representative of the fair sex is beautifully styled eyebrows, which give the look a special expressiveness. It is not necessary to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, trying to give them an attractive shape for it. Despite the fact that there is a constant debate about brow lamination pros and cons, according to most cosmetologists, there are much more advantages than disadvantages.

Provides Beautiful Brows

Provides Beautiful Brows

The ideal shape is not given by nature to everyone. However, modern technologies in the beauty industry make it possible to correct defects and achieve excellent results. At the same time, the face will look natural, and the look will gain expressiveness.

The technique gives the necessary density to thin and inexpressive eyebrows. Thick and unruly hairs acquire a perfect shape and neat appearance. The procedure will also eliminate defects that have appeared as a result of frequent plucking or the use of waxing. The voids that have appeared between the location of the hair follicles will be filled with new elements.


It is necessary to mention the fact that the effect lasts up to 2 months. It makes the lamination procedure more popular compared to analogues that allow creating an attractive eyebrow shape. They include, for example, hair removal using wax or threads. The results can be observed in much less time.

It is important to keep in mind that the duration will depend not only on the actions of the cosmetologist, the applied composition quality, but also on the hair growth cycle of each client. Characteristics is an individual feature of the body.

Doesn’t Hurt

Doesn’t Hurt

Not all cosmetic procedures give pleasant sensations. For example, plucking is never associated with positive emotions. Many clients experience pain at the same time. If you do not want to be guided by the expression that beauty requires sacrifice, pay attention to eyebrow lamination. It will not bring discomfort even to people with a low pain threshold.

After the preparatory stage, the cosmetologist will apply a special composition to the hairs. Then they will be delicately combed to give a beautiful shape. There will be no pain, burning or tingling. During the procedure, you can close your eyes and dream.

No Prep Required

You will not need to take care of preparing your hair for lamination. You don’t have to pluck your eyebrows for a while, so that a specialist has the opportunity to give them an ideal shape.

Do not apply makeup before visiting a cosmetologist. It is necessary to abandon the use of foundation, shadows and mascara. This will permit evaluating the area of work and achieve maximum results.

Little Upkeep

Little Upkeep

After eyebrow treatment, you will hardly need to take care of their condition. In order not to spoil the effect, find out what cannot be done after the transformation of the biological material structure:

  1. Do not scratch the skin in the upper part of the face too much, so that irritation does not appear.
  2. It is not necessary to wet the dermis in the area of exposure immediately after the procedure.
  3. 3.   It’s not worth using eye makeup for a while. Cosmetologists advise to refrain from makeup for 3 days.
  4. Peels, balms, and scrubs should not be applied.
  5. Do not visit the solarium, do not swim in the pool, do not steam in the steam room and sauna. Excessive moisture can affect the result’s durability.
  6. It is advisable to avoid excessive sweating on the face.

As a rule, the treatment will take effect within the first two days. After that, you can do everything you are used to and live without any restrictions. As the hairs grow back, they can be plucked out and create the perfect eyebrow shape.

Works For All Brow Types

The technique usage can be successful for any type of eyebrow. Lamination will look amazing despite the fact that they are rare and too thin, or thick and difficult to lay. An experienced specialist will show a good result even if there is a small amount of hair. Therefore, do not postpone the procedure for later, even if there are too little of them. Beautifully styled eyebrows are always in fashion. You can change your face beyond recognition with them.

Can Be Paired With Other Services

Can Be Paired

If you want to influence the improvement of your external data, remember that it is possible to combine lamination with other techniques. Before the procedure, the hair can be thinned in various ways that seem most suitable to you. If you want to make them brighter, use the service of coloring in several tones.

Eyebrow Lamination Cons

For avoiding negative consequences, familiarize yourself with the disadvantages of the procedure. There are not so many of them, and they are extremely rare, but you can’t ignore them.

Not Great for All Skin Types

Not Great

Owners of sensitive skin should be treated with extreme caution. Allergies occur infrequently, however, before using the composition, it is better to test it on a small area. Modern beauty salons, which value their reputation, use high-quality keratin, which has a beneficial effect on the dermis.

If there is any doubt that this procedure will suit you personally, consult with the master. He will be able to advise you to use other services that allow improving the shape of your eyebrows.

Potential Side Effects

It is recommended to remember about side effects first of all for people with sensitive skin and the presence of pathologies of the dermis. These include eczema or rosacea. It is worth being wary if redness, swelling or characteristic dryness appear a few days after the procedure. In the presence of such conditions, you need to urgently contact a cosmetologist. Before starting the procedure, it is worth telling about the features of the body.

Should Be Done By a Professional

What are the pros and cons of eyebrow lamination?

You should not do lamination at home. You can expose your skin to negative consequences and not achieve the desired results. An experienced specialist always takes into account the eyebrow lamination pros and cons, so you can trust him with the health and beauty of your face.

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