Eyebrow shaping – what is it and is it possible to do it yourself?

Shaping is an important step in facial care, which emphasizes…

Shaping is an important step in facial care, which emphasizes the beauty of the eyes and makes the image harmonious. At the same time, many people can’t easily do it right, but they don’t even know what eyebrow shaping is. However, if you decide to do this on your own, it is important to keep in mind some rules and recommendations.

  1. Preparation for the procedure. Before starting the procedure, give them the desired shape and length, determine the direction of hair growth, and eliminate excess hairs. To do this, use tweezers or a special eyebrow clipper.
  2. Use high-quality tools. In the work, it is necessary to use only high-quality equipment and materials that will ensure the safety of the procedure and a long-lasting result.
  3. Care after the procedure. After performing the entire operation, it is recommended to perform a light massage to improve blood circulation and speed up the skin repair process. You can also use special masks and serums for care.
  4. The regularity of the procedure. To maintain the result, it is necessary to carry out the procedure regularly, about once every 2-3 weeks, depending on the growth rate.
  5. Professional help. If you are not confident in your abilities or do not want to waste time, you can seek help from a professional cosmetologist.

A guide to eyebrow shapes


An increasing number of girls began to master the techniques of performing salon procedures at home. The reasons for this are different. Someone makes a decision based on the desire to reduce their financial expenses, and someone believes that no master will be able to provide the desired result. After all, so often photos of works on the master’s Instagram page do not correspond to his real skills.

When completing a task, it is important to follow all the advice and recommendations from professionals. This speeds up the process because you know exactly how and what to do. The process also becomes more pleasant, since there are no painful sensations or any discomfort. In addition, this is the only way you can save the result for a long time. If everything is done correctly, you will not have to repeat the procedure so often. So, the main tips from professional cosmetologists:

  1. Before starting the correction, make sure that you have all the necessary tools, such as tweezers, small and sharp scissors, brushes, a clipper, wax and gel.
  2. Make sure that all equipment is disinfected, there are no dirt and decorative cosmetics on the skin. In order to clean the eyebrows and the area around them, any of your favorite daily cleansing products will do. If this stage is neglected, then in case of accidental injury to the skin, impurities can get into the wounds and cause inflammation. Therefore, it is better not to be lazy and spend a couple of minutes preparing for the procedure!
  3. Prepare by removing excess hairs and giving them the desired shape.
  4. Use tweezers to remove unwanted hairs, leaving only those that create the desired eyebrow shape.
  5. Fix the result with wax or gel to keep the shape for a long time.
  6. Do not forget to take care of them after correction, using special oils or creams to maintain an even shape.

Tools used in the process of eyebrow shaping

Various tools are used for correction, including tweezers, clippers, waxes, gels and creams. Each of these tools has its own characteristics and advantages that should be considered when choosing the right tool.

Best quality tweezers with high sharpness


Tweezers are one of the most popular tools used to remove unwanted eyebrow hair. It consists of two pointed ends that are gripped and removed.

Choosing the right tweezers depends on many factors, such as skin type, length and thickness, as well as the desired result. Some of the most popular types include:

  • Standard: Suitable for removing fine hairs and provides good accuracy.
  • With curved ends: ideal for removing thicker ones and allows you to work in hard-to-reach places.
  • Illuminated: helps to see even the thinnest and provides a more comfortable removal.

It is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin to avoid infection. Then you should carefully grab the hair with tweezers and remove it in one motion. After the procedure, it is recommended to apply a soothing lotion or cream.

A spoolie brush

A brush is a necessary tool for care. It lays the hairs in the right direction, giving the volume. The brush also keeps them clean and healthy. In addition, the brush is suitable for applying cosmetics to the eyebrows, such as mascara or pencil.

A pair of brow scissors that are both tiny and sharp


Sharp scissors are needed in order to trim too long hairs and give the desired shape. They also help to remove unnecessary ones and create a clearer outline.

The scissors should be sharp to ensure a more accurate and accurate haircut. Sharp scissors also avoid skin damage and avoid unpleasant sensations.

Essential steps that can help you achieve a sharp and tailored look

The result will be more durable, and the work itself will be simpler, faster and more pleasant if you do everything in stages. Stages:

  • Determine the type of face. Before starting work, determine the type of your face. This will help you choose the most appropriate shape that will be in harmony with your face.
  • Select the form. This should be done based on the type of face and individual characteristics. Do not forget to take into account the direction of hair growth and color.
  • Preparation. Before starting the design, make preparations by removing excess hairs and giving them the desired shape. Use professional tools to do this, with which the work will go better.
  • Correction. Start correcting. Remove excess hairs, leaving only those that create the desired result.
  • Fix it. As a result, it is worth fixing the result with the help of special means, for example, wax or gel. This saves everything for a long time.
  • Care. Do not forget to take care of them using special products such as oils or creams. This will help to preserve health and beauty.

So, if you have already understood what eyebrow shaping is, it is worth learning all the recommendations. All the work needs to be done correctly so that the result is beautiful and long-term.

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