How does lash lift differ from lash curling and how do you decide on a choice?

A woman’s eyelashes perform not only a protective function, which…

A woman’s eyelashes perform not only a protective function, which was provided by nature. No one is surprised by the fact that the fair sex often resort to various cosmetic procedures to emphasize their natural beauty. When it comes to the need to give expression to the eyes, the focus is usually on different methods. Let’s figure out together the question of lash lift vs lash curl, and justify for which session should be chosen in a certain case.

What is a Lash Lift?

Lash Lift

A woman’s look becomes more expressive after lamination. It helps to significantly increase cilia volume and impact a spectacular bend. Cosmetologists attribute it to an updated version of the perm, which is characterized by a gentle approach. One of the main advantages of it is the possible rejection of mascara and eyeliner for some time.

Pomp and bend are obtained with the help of a special chemical-based fluid. Also, a silicone roller with a curved shape is necessary for work. Compounds are considered universal. Duration of exposure ranges from 1.5-3 months. It is influenced by their growth cycle.

Eyelash Lift Before and After

Eyelash Lift Before and After

Beauty industry market is in constant development. It offers services that greatly simplify the lives of women. Many of them promise not only a beautiful appearance, but also health improvement.

For example, if you pay attention to the results of lamination in the photo before and after, you can see that in addition to an attractive open look, a representative of the beautiful gets a denser and stronger texture of cilia.

How Does a Lash Lift Work?

How Does a Lash Lift Work

To begin with, you need to plan an initial visit to a doctor, during which issues such as the client’s expectations and possible allergic reactions are discussed. The specialist specifies what volume of curls the woman wants to see and what their shade should be. Recommendations for care are given to her.

The most important thing is not to forget that any fluids should be applied to pure biological material. A bandage is used to separate the hairs from the lower and upper eyelids. Patches are applied to them, which have a softening effect.

Curved silicone rollers are attached to the processed area with a soft-based adhesive. The cilia are attached to the top of the roller.

Agent is applied only to the roots. It improves their structure and makes them more pliable to give the desired shape. You cannot keep the solution on the ends of the biological material for too long. Their structure at the ends and the base is different. If the rules are not followed, the process will not be pleasing with efficiency. Lashes become brittle or excessively curly.

Then a special product is applied that allows fixing the curl and lifting it slightly. Masters often include coloring in the session. They offer a huge selection of shades from natural to a spectacular blue-black tone. Even if you have a beautiful natural color, you will see the benefits of tinting, because it gives extra length and volume.

At the end, a conditioner is distributed, which provides nutrition and strengthening.

How Do You Prepare for it?

How Do You Prepare for it

It is important to follow certain rules for preparation.  If they are ignored, even the most experienced master is not able to guarantee high efficiency.

Do not apply mascara or make-up remover, which includes oils and components for moisturizing the skin. You need to test the patch in advance. This is especially important for those whose dermis is prone to irritation. It is easier to prevent the appearance of a problem than to deal with it.

How Do You Maintain it?

It is necessary to avoid getting moisture on the eyes for 24 hours. Please, avoid doing the following things:

  • swimming;
  • taking a shower;
  • running and playing sports;
  • applying mascara, eyeliner;
  • using creams, lotions and eye gels.

How Long Does it Last?

How Long Does it Last

Depending on the hair growth cycle, the effect can be observed from 1.5-3 months. Its duration is individual. After the expiration of the validity period, the hairs fall off, and new ones grow in their place.

How Often Should You Do the Procedure?

Lamination is not contraindicated to do once every 3 months. The frequency depends on the individual characteristics of the body. However, experienced cosmetologists recommend giving the eyelashes a rest for 4 weeks between treatments.

How Much Does it Cost?

How Much Does it Cost

Prices vary from the chosen beauty salon and the choice of a particular master services. The average cost of it is $ 150.

What Chemicals Are in it?

Compounds that allow for maximum effect are usually kept secret and are not disclosed. Beauty salons that have earned the trust of customers do not use drugs with harmful parabens and formaldehydes.

At the initial consultation, it is advisable to make sure that there is no sodium bromate in it. 

This substance, according to the Canadian Ministry of Health, has carcinogenic properties. Despite the danger to human health, unscrupulous cosmetologists hide compounds from customers and use sodium bromate during various sessions. Clarify it for your own safety.

Can I Wear Eyeliner After it?

Can I Wear Eyeliner After it

A common question of clients is: what kind of eyeliner is the best way to maintain beauty. The answer is unambiguous: absolutely anyone. You choose that variant that suits you most of all.

Will Mascara Ruin My Lash Lift?

If the process was done according to the rules, no means affected its result. But its first application should be 24 hours after the session.

How Long After it Can I Shower?

How Long After it Can I Shower

Any ingress of moisture worsens the result. Therefore, it is necessary to observe a strict ban on taking a bath or shower during 24 hours.

Can You Be Allergic to it?

They appeared extremely rare. This is primarily due to the fact that the method is gentle, and aggressive substances are not implemented. However, before it is carried out, it is important to test the patch on a small area of the skin.

Do Lifts Ruin Your Eyelashes?

Do Lifts Ruin Your Eyelashes

In order not to harm the cilia and health in general, make sure of specialist qualifications. If the cosmetologist has the necessary experience, then the session has only benefits. The biological material condition gets worse only if the recommendations are not followed and if fluid is applied for too long.

What’s the Difference Between a Keratin Lift vs a Regular Lash Lift?

Skin and hair need additional keratin when for some reason they are weakened and lack nutrients. Valuable protein strengthens them and gives a beautiful volume. Lamination does not always imply the presence of keratin in the composition. However, even in its absence, it contains other nutrients that have a beneficial effect.

What is Better: Lifts or Extensions?

What is Better: Lifts or Extensions

Both methods have a lot of advantages. For example, when choosing the first one you do not need to take care of scheduled visits to a cosmetologist every 2 weeks. Materials are cheaper compared to those for building up. The validity period is longer for laminating. The extended cilia look beautiful for about 21 days.

It is also easier to return to the natural form after the first method. It is suitable for most clients, with the exception of those representatives of the fair sex whose cilia are naturally short or excessively rare. To increase the expressiveness of the look, they are recommended to build up.

What is a Lash Perm?

What is a Lash Perm

The main difference connects with the method of influence. Special cylindrical rod is used in the process to wind the biological material. To fix the hairs, an activator and chemical solutions are needed.

Method is recommended for owners of long cilia. The process takes about 60 minutes. The effect lasts 4-12 weeks, depending on the individual characteristics of the body.

Perm Before and After

Perm Before and After

If the procedure was carried out by a master with high qualifications, then the result should be an open puppet sight that does not leave anyone indifferent. You look great without mascara and eyeliner.

How Does it Work?

How Does it Work

First, the master carefully applies glue at the base of the upper eyelid. Then, with the help of a special brush, the biological material is completely covered with fluid. Rollers and plastic elements are imposed, which are necessary for destroying disulfide bonds inside the structure.

When the fluid takes effect, the hairs bordering the eye are combed with a brush. Thanks to this, a spectacular curl appears. Then it is completely removed.

How Do You Prepare for it?

How Do You Prepare for it

Before visiting a beauty salon, you are to refuse mascara or eyeliner. The specialist gives advice on choosing the density of curling and the length of cilia that are suitable for your eye structure. It is also important to make sure that none of the remedies causes allergies.  This happens extremely rarely, but any cases should be excluded.

How Do You Maintain it?

During the day, make sure that no drops of moisture fall on the hairs. It is advisable not only to apply mascara and eyeliner and means for removing them, but also not to visit the pool and sauna. According to the recommendations of a cosmetologist, you can apply an air conditioner that helps maintain the shape of the curl.

How Long Does it Last?

How Long Does it Last

The effect lasts from 1-3 months. The term depends on the cycle of hair growth and their natural loss.

How Often Should You Lash Perm?

You cannot do a perm more than 1 time a month. Under the action of the solution, the structure of the eyelash is destroyed, so it takes time to restore it.

How Much Does it Cost?

How Much Does it Cost

The cost of the procedure varies from the beauty salon. In Dubai, it can be made for $ 75. The price is about the same as for lamination. However, the cost of a perm does not include special conditioners, the compositions of which improve cilia structure.

What Chemicals are in a Lash Perm?

Please note that the composition includes ammonium thioglycolate. The formula of the compound is complex, it has no color. It is usually used by hairdressers to straighten curly hair.

Does Perming Damage Your Lashes?

With sufficient qualifications of the master and choosing the right approach in conducting the session, there will be no harm. It is also important to follow the recommendations on the frequency of the procedure.

Difference Between Lash Lift and Perm

Difference Between Lash Lift and Perm

First of all, it should be borne in mind that different tools are used during lamination and perming. In the first case, you will need silicone molds, which come in different sizes. With the help of them, the master manages to give the eyelashes a spectacular bend that cannot be distinguished from natural.

You will need rods for curling. They allow you to create a doll curl, which gives the look a special charm.

Lash Types

When laminating, the cilia look more natural. When curling, the effect is more accentuated, and the curl has a clearer shape. Lash lift vs eyelash curler attracts lovers of natural effects.



Lamination does not involve the complete processing of the hair. The solution is treated with its roots and the third part of the cilia. As a result, the effect is gentle. When perming the hair, it is processed entirely. This increases the risk of their brittle and easy breakage.

Chemicals and Added Treatments

Pay attention that lifting usually assumes the usage of conditioning agents. This gives the cilia a more natural look. The funds are applied at the end of the session. They contain useful peptides, keratin and vegetable oils. Perming does not involve such treatment.



It’s hard to say which is better: lash lift vs lash curl. Both methods have their advantages. The choice of the most suitable option depends on the natural data of the fair sex and the desired effect.

Lifting involves minimal application of chemical components, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of cilia after it. Therefore, many qualified masters recommend clients to opt for this method.

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